Human Resources

We believe in ourselves and our ability to deliver quality on time projects. We invest in our staff to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to deliver to our customers. ATTITUDE and APTITUDE is what we look for most in people. Following three universal ethical principles are the basis for the Human Resources policy in Idea:

Equity and Justice

People are to be treated fairly. Justice is concerned with power sharing and preventing the abuse of power. In a just community all team members can access opportunities that allow for their full participation in that community.

Respect for People

People should be treated as individuals with rights to be honoured and defended. Respect empowers others to claim their rights and to achieve their potential. Respect for the rights of other people is the basis on which individuals become members of the company.

Membership of the team within the company means that individuals not only have rights but also duties and responsibilities to others to act openly and honestly. Demonstrating respect for persons requires, for example, dealing with disagreements by reasoned argument rather than by using language (words, style and tone) that have the effect of inappropriately attacking or demeaning the listener.

Personal and Professional Responsibility

The principle of taking personal and professional responsibility requires not only that people avoid doing harm to others but that they exhibit courteous behaviour upholding the standards expected of all of the team members of the company as part of achieving a common good. In so doing they are expected to protect the rights of others. This principle involves stewardship of assets, resources and the environment.

When a conflict arises between a team member’s self-interest and duty to the company, the issue should be disclosed to an appropriate manager. Wherever feasible the staff member should not play a role in decision-making that might be associated with that issue.

Idea is an equal opportunity employer. Email: to enquire about our recruitment program.

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