HP BSM Sandbox

Through HP UCMDB, you can collect CI 's configurations and their relations with each other and direct their changes to HP Service Manager.
With BPM on the BSM console, by creating synthetic user transactions you can monitor performance & availabilities..
Access to end users in real-time applications with HP RUM. Observe usage patterns of real users and applications.
HP Site Scope and HP Operations Manager allows you to manage your IT infrastructure and resources, you can check whether they are working or not according to the criteria (KPI) intervals.
With HP Diagnostics you can monitor applications on class and method basis, monitor and study the stability and performance of each object.
You can manage network devices and network topology with HP NNMi. you can associate all of the data collected from these sources can be associated, end-to-end managed, reported and connected to certain SLA’s On HP BSM.

Manage your IT infrastructure and applications with 360-degree perspective through HP BSM.

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