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Operations Center

HP Operations Center offers a comprehensive, modular, service-oriented approach to IT operations management. It helps you improve the availability and performance of your physical and virtual servers, applications, and application components. Operations Center also helps you free up resources that are usually spent on day-to-day operational tasks. This allows your staff to focus more energy on strategic activities that positively impact the business.

Operations Center is a distributed, scalable IT operations management solution. It features enhanced automation and collaboration features to help you meet or exceed service levels required by the business. Unlike discrete tools distributed throughout IT, Operations Manager software consolidates operations toolset to monitor and proactively manage your service levels.

HP Operations Center helps your organization:

  • Increase IT staff efficiency by automating event consolidation, correlation, diagnosis, and repair.
  • Enhance collaboration across IT silos with role-based views for infrastructure and business services management teams.
  • Benefit from public and private cloud infrastructures by integrating end-user monitoring into Operations Center products.
  • Enable IT tool consolidation initiatives by centralizing event, performance and remediation tools and processes.
  • Correlate, identify and correct root cause of physical and virtual infrastructure faults and performance degradations.

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