What we offer

Application Analysis, Performance Evaluation and Load Creation Services

The satisfaction of our end users, our customers, our partners and our employees we serve is directly related to the quality of the application they use in daily operations. Though many parameters come to mind when it comes to software quality, the most important of these criteria that an application can respond to its performance and needs instantly.
Today's applications and software systems are composed of many components, they contain different technologies and often serve a wide range of ecosystem / stakeholders. For this reason, problems that may be experienced in software performance may not be easy to identify. Timely intervention and analysis are important and inevitable, as performance problems often come in a form that does not follow a specific pattern.

It is necessary to put forward the actual source of the problem in the applications where different teams contribute, to ensure that the intervention is carried out by the right team and in terms of responsibilities. Rapid solution and continuous improvement can reduce the losses and costs that can be experienced due to application performance problems.

How Can We Help?

In summary, if you are experiencing serious performance losses time to time in your application, if you can not discover the causes, or if you want that to be manageded by an independent team, reported along with the reasons, and offered a correction suggestion, we can do this for you.

By listing the services we offer in this sense:

  • Analysis of the performance criteria that end users expect from implementation and provision / implementation of compliance with SLAs
  • Providing code-level performance-oriented developer with guidance on the design and development phases of the implementation
  • Planning, development, realization and reporting of load, capacity, stress tests using industry standard tools
  • Finding the main causes of performance-based problems and eliminating them with team members
  • Regular monitoring of implementation performance with continuous monitoring and continual improvement of problematic points, submission of capacity planning recommendations

Our Method and Benefits

Our application analysis and performance evaluation services can quickly evaluate the systems using JAVA, .NET based or enterprise business applications such as SAP, Oracle and WebSphere, which are frequently used, depending on the IT implementation and technology. Our service packs also include the virtual creation of the required end-user load. In this way, it is possible to identify problems that occur under specific intensity/load.


  • Slow running components and code blocks
  • All business processes spend their time in different layers (database, application, web, network)
  • The length of time that calls to the application and Web server are met, inbound / outbound calls to servers and other servers
  • Time spent in database operations, slow running SQL details
  • CPU, RAM, disk load on the service hardware
  • Garbage collection, memory leak problems and exceptions that can not be managed with fast-expanding data structures
  • Problems that may occur due to heavy thread usage (eg deadlocks)
We can observe and present the corrective measures in a report.

Application Analysis, Evaluation Services:

  • Load and stress tests
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation parallel to development
  • Pre-installation and performance evaluation
  • Monitoring in production environment and problem determination
  • Continuous monitoring of applications and recommendations for improvement

Supported Technologies:

.Net and Java, SAP, Oracle, WebSphere, SQL Server DB, RMI, WS, JMS, Java EE Servers, Tomcat, JRun, JBoss, WebLogic, Oracle APP and BPEL Servers, Portlets, JSP, EJB, JNDI, Asp.net and ADO.net calls, WebServices, Virtualization Environments, SOA Services, WCF

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