Shaam 2011 - Syria is Close to Turkey

Shaam - 2011

Idea Technology was one of the Turkish IT companies participating Shaam 2011 in Damascus. The founding partner of the company, Aykut Guven, says that Syria is now going through a phase that Turkey went through 20 years ago.

He maintains. "ln fact, they are even faster than us in comparison. Both the private and public sector are eager to become a a part of this change. We have focused on public sector more in this country; however. the fair has made it possible for us to get to know the private sector better. ln the public sector, our solution for Syria is Safe City. We have also introduced our solutions for the banking and telecommunications sector. and have been able to make the necessary links. We will keep on sharing our solutions and experience with other countries as well."

Managing Partner and Director of the Marketing&Sales Department in Idea Technology, Sebnem Goktunc Aydemir. agrees with Guven in that she also mentions how the fair created an opportunity to make the necessaw contacts.

Thanks to the fair, Aydemir states, they have been able to observe the business practices in Syria, a country open to renovation and change: “The fair has helped us see this fact, and is proven to be really successful in this sense." According to Aykut Guven. this fair in Syria is a big step taken in this sector. He also mentioned the fact that they are planning to open an office in this region. Guven says, "However, we have a variety of thoughts about where exactly this office should be, and how exactly it should be managed. This fair has especially helped us to make things clearer in our minds. We would like to have taken our step towards the Middle East by the end of 2011.

Guven says. "lt is unfortunate to seewhat a big fallacy we have for our neighboring country. Syria. EspecialIy when Al Sham is considered, Syria is a country similar to Turkey. I don't hink change will do any harm to anyone. Some countries have begun to change long before iust as we did. this is undeniable, but beginning to change in the beginning of the 21st century is much better than not changing at all. I believe that Syria will change in a rapid way with no problem."

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