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Business Service Management

Redefine IT operations and ensure performance and availability of virtualized and cloud services...

Today’s enterprises rely on rich business applications, that are increasingly deployed as cloud or virtualized services. Managing the performance and availability of these dynamic, mission- critical applications is critical to the bottom line .

HP Business Service Management is a complete business service management solution that integrates application, system, network and business transaction monitoring. HP BSM proactively manages application performance to address performance issues before customers are impacted. It also automatically connects the dynamic cloud and virtualized business services to underlying infrastructure so you can prioritize business impact and resolve service issues in a labor- and cost- efficient way. This results in better quality of services at a lower cost to your business. Lastly, HP enables you to give business leaders better IT visibility, which drives improved IT-business alignment.

With BSM, your IT organization can:

  • Reduce the time subject matter experts spend on day-to-day operational activities.
  • Increase your quality of service by accelerating problem diagnosis and shortening resolution times.
  • Better understand the relationship between your business services and their underlying infrastructure to let business impact drive IT operations.
  • Leverage the advantage of virtualization and cloud computing in a cost effective way.

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