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Softlayer services gives you expert virtualization, design, implementation, cloud management and quick depyolment models for your business virtualization demands. Softlayer IaaS Consulting services help to shorten iterations, while managing distributed teams, increasing dependencies and constant change.

About Softlayer

SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. is a dedicated server, managed hosting and cloud computing provider. Founded in 2005. Through 2005-2013 Softlayer managed to acquire hosting more than 81,000 servers for more than 26,000 customers in locations throughout the United States.

In July 2011, the company announced plans for international expansion to Amsterdam and Singapore to add to the existing network of US-based data centers in Dallas, San Jose, Seattle, Querétaro, Houston and Washington, D.C. Most of these data centers were leased via Digital Realty Trust. As of May 2015, the company has 23 data centers in 11 different countries.

On June 4, 2013, IBM announced its acquisition of SoftLayer to form an IBM Cloud Services Division. At the time of acquisition, Softlayer was described as the biggest privately held cloud infrastructure provider (IaaS) in the world.

Four Things to Know About SoftLayer

SoftLayer is the largest provider of dedicated hosting in the world. They combine "bare metal" servers and Infrastructure-as-a-Service virtual servers for hire, built on their extensive hardware and network infrastructure. And all of this can be managed remotely through a cloud environment.

But what exactly is a bare metal server or a virtual server, and how can you use them? Here, then, are 5 things to know about SoftLayer.

1. SoftLayer's network is larger and faster than yours

Any company offering cloud capabilities needs a fair amount of bandwidth. A couple of servers in a single data center isn't going to cut it. SoftLayer's network and capacity are impressive by anyone’s standards. 13 data centers house around 200,000 servers. Those data centers are located around the world (the US, Singapore, the UK, and the Netherlands) and are each connected to each other over dedicated 20Gbps fiber links over a private network. And those data centers host servers for 21,000 customers.

Softlayer Network

2. Virtual servers for convenience, bare metal for performance

A virtual server is a virtual machine running on a hypervisor (an operating system), hosted on a physical server. That same physical server could host multiple virtual servers. So one server running a Linux operating system could host one virtual server running Windows, and other running Red Hat. SoftLayer offers virtual servers that can be set up in minutes and scaled as needed. But virtual servers also come with a performance penalty. The virtual machine abstracts the physical resources of the server, such as its RAM and CPU, creating an overhead that makes it inappropriate for some high performance workloads. That's where bare metal (a non-virtualized dedicated server) is a better option. SoftLayer can create bare metal servers for you, where you design the hardware to specific requirements, and still manage the server from the cloud. No virtualization performance penalty, but the same advantages of centralized management in the cloud.

3. You can customize everything

There are plenty of ways you might want to customize your SoftLayer infrastructure. Pick the right network speed and bandwidth, choose the right operating system, and pick the most appropriate security option with SecurityLayer Services. And manage it with API access to more than 2,000 command and control functions.

4. Manage your data center from the golf course

The SoftLayer mobile app (available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) allows you keep an eye on your infrastructure. You can view the performance details of your servers, monitor their bandwidth usage, raise tickets for a support request, and even turn servers on and off. So instead of sitting in a cold noisy data center, you can perform your monitoring duties from anywhere – even the 14th green.

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