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Safe City - City Surveillance Management System

It is extremely difficult to protect large areas with limited forces. Preventing the crime is almost impossible. i.e. Transport authorities are seeking more sophisticated methods of monitoring passengers to prevent attacks, but there are no easy ways to shield the world's cities and their crowded places from people set on blowing themselves up, analysts say.

City Surveillance Management is always an important part of public security requirement. Safe City is a 3rd generation City Surveillance Management System which successfully helps security forces to break down crimes and also improve response time to crime sites. In brief,

  • The 1st generation solutions were very simple with each camera directly connected to a local computer and was not manageable.
  • The 2nd generation solutions evolved by connecting those cameras to the storages available in the center stations. However still those were lacking in correlation.
  • The 3rd generation (Safe City) brought parametric environment with the ability to analyse and correlate the data collected which reduced the workload and increased the efficiency

  • Safe City provides a single dashboard by correlating the distributed data flows through several systems ( i.e.cameras, voice recording systems, radio, GIS ) to manage safety in the area or the city. Built on the industry standard ITIL based HP Service Manager, Safe City brings redundancy,transparency, effiency and speed.

    By adopting Safe City, cities can:

    • Get less crime rates with minimum resources
    • Have reduced traffic violations with automatic denouncement creation subsystem
    • City Security Management through a centralized solution
    • Gain proactive crime prevention by end to end denouncement tracking in a work flow logic

    Safe City

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