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Electra - Energy Management System

ElectraReducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency are very important to increase the energy efficiency of companies operations. Over time, the energy management initiatives become more strategic and material to the businesses.

Poor power quality can reduce productivity, shorten equipment life and drive down profits. Successful companies are building infrastructure that will indicate how, when, and where they use energy, i.e. including electricity ,water, natural gas.

With Electra companies benefit out from controlling the energy with turnkey engineered system configured to the requirements defined by them to fit their energy application, network, and budget — and realize energy savings that contribute to their bottom line.

Electra is an Electricity Consumption and Quality Management system designed and developed by Idea consisting of independent modules integrated with each other. The solution is developed on industry standard ITIL based HP Service Manager.

3 main modules of Electra:

  • Electricity Consumption Management
  • Power Quality Management
  • Electricity Billing


  • Depending on the actual situation of the facility, reduce the electricity consumption up to 20%
  • ROI less than 2 years
  • Ensure the quality of the electric power supplied to your company
  • View the consumption/quality online
  • Manage trends and user influences
  • Manage risks depending on the electricity (preventing from fire)
  • Feed the billing system if billing is necessary

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